Welcome to Big Fish Print Solutions

Who we are:

We are Big Fish Print Solutions, a commercial printer that offers a wide array of products and services.  A family run business, with facilities in International Falls and Hutchinson, MN. We have been printing for decades working on projects that range from daily newspapers to high-resolution graphics and everything in between.

We are starting this blog to help you better understand how the printing business operates, and to hopefully clear up some of the confusing terminology that is often used in the printing world.

When most people think of commercial printing they may be picturing copiers, or large news presses that take up entire rooms. Although that is part of the story, commercial printing is much more versatile.

Most printers offer graphic design services as well as other finishing touches, such as laminating or binding (terms we will be discussing in later blogs).  You can also use a printer to help with packaging, labeling, and direct mailing services, just to name a few.

Commercial printing is not just for large companies with gigantic projects. If you need something that has to hold up in the elements, or just a more professional look, there are a multitude of ways a printer can help; without having to print thousands of pieces.

With that said if you are not familiar with how printing presses work dealing with a printer can be challenging.  Phrases like pica, stock or CMYK, for example might not mean much to you. Some of the questions you get can be confusing; If you don’t know what 4 over 4 color means you might end up with something that is black and white when you need color, or end up paying for color you don’t need. Speaking of colors,why does the color on your computer change when you print it? (FYI it has to do with CMYK)

All in all we would like to make it easier for you to get the high quality work you deserve, and be able to talk with your printer to ensure you are getting what you asked for.


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