3 Reasons to Laminate Everything

There is a lot of time, effort, and money that goes into printing your project. Make sure it lasts. If you need a good-looking, long living, nice feeling printed project, laminating it is the answer.

1. Laminating Protects

The number one reason to laminate your printed projects is added protection. Laminating works by encapsulating your piece between 2 layers of synthetic material made from polypropylene, nylon or polyester. (For more information on the different types of laminating material click here.) Laminating protects against moisture, dust, smoke, and almost everything else. One of the most common uses for laminate are menus. This is because people spill on them, they fold them, and handle them contentiously. If the menu was not laminated it would need to be reprinted as often as it was spilled on.

Laminating can also protect your piece from other environmental contaminates. Many temporary signs and posters are laminated to keep rain, snow and other moisture off the paper. The key word there is temporary, laminated signs should not replace more permanent signage. They will hold up for a while, but eventually mother nature wins out.

2. Laminating Adds Beauty

Adding a layer of laminate not only protects your project, but it can also add to the look and feel. A thin high gloss polypropylene laminate will add sheen and accentuate the colors of the image. If you prefer a matte finish, a thicker polyester or nylon laminate is the answer.

Adding a soft touch nylon laminate will give your piece a satin feel that can not be matched by paper alone. Anything that is handled frequently is a candidate for soft touch. These laminates are being used more and more often with book covers and presentation folders.

There are a number of other specialty laminates that can do amazing things like holographic or color shifting, with more being made everyday. Laminating offers you the ability to do things that are just not possible with paper.

3. Laminating Saves Money

It is true that the up front cost of laminating is higher than most traditional printing. However, the added durability, and therefore longevity you gain with lamination makes up for it in the long run. If a restaurant reprinted their menus every time someone spilled on them it would be much more expensive than laminating the first copy. Extra value also comes from the added features of lamination. High gloss, matte, or a soft touch finish, may be the difference in getting your project see and picked up, or not.

If you have questions about the wonderful world of laminating please feel free to contact us.






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