4 Great Holiday Gift Ideas From Your Local Printer.

It is that time of year again, the dreaded gift buying season. For a lot of business this is the time of the year you are trying to figure out that perfect gift or thank you present to give your clients and customers. You need something that is nice, cost-effective and branded. Here are four great ideas that your local printer can customize for your business.

Calendars: They work great as a branded gift because it is something that is seen and used year round. Calendars come in various shapes and sizes, they can have sticky backs, or magnets, large or small. The best part is every time someone checks the date they see your brand. This is also the perfect time for a calendar, because lets face it giving a calendar to someone in July doesn’t really have the same feel.

Notepads: Notepads are a nice simple gift that can be easily put in a holiday card, order that is going out, or any other correspondence. These also come in various shapes and sizes. They are used frequently, and are easy to put your brand or logo on. Note pads are very economical especially if you have a large mailing list.

Holiday Cards: How about the card themselves? These can be a generic happy holidays card, or very personalized to an individual, or business. Having your own personal holiday cards can be great to give to your employees as well. Many commercial printers also offer mailing services that make it a one stop shop to get your cards made and mailed on time.

Wrapping paper: Wrapping paper is everywhere. Why not have some personalized and branded. This works really well for company parties or gifts that you are giving clients. You can put what ever image or pattern you would like on it, maybe a funny picture, or company logo. This is also a great idea for fundraisers, having special wrapping paper made for a school or club.

For questions about any of these gift ideas please contact us.

Big Fish Print Solutions would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season.



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