3 Things You Shouldn’t Laminate

At Big Fish Print Solutions we believe one of the best ways to protect your printing project is to have it laminated. Lamination adds durability and longevity, as well as functionality and aesthetic appeal. However, even with all the benefits that laminating brings there are some items that should not be laminated.

1. Your Social Security Card

You should not laminated your social security card. It can be tempting because you don’t want to go through the hassle of getting a new one if yours is damaged. Unfortunately laminating it will only cause you more problems. In all social security cards there are security features printed on them to ensure authenticity. If you put a layer of laminate over it those features are disabled. Some places have even been instructed to not accept any social security card that is laminated. If you would like to better protect your card putting it in a plastic pouch, or case is the best option.

2. Birth Certificates

Laminating birth certificates poses the same problems as laminating social security cards. Like your social security card there are security features printed on it to avoid counterfeiting. The one exception to this is the fact that you may have multiple birth certificates. There is an official one you get, issued by the state, and in some cases one you may get from the hospital(it may have an ink spot with foot prints). Laminating the official one is not advised, but the others could be done. If you would like to protect your official birth certificate a file cabinet, or safe deposit box are good options.

3. Photographs

Everyone has at least a few photos they don’t want to see deteriorate, there are sure to be a few you wouldn’t mind seeing burned either, but that is for a different day. Laminating them seems like a great idea. Encapsulating them in a thin layer of transparent plastic that can keep out moisture, dust, and fingerprints is perfect. The problem is how laminate is applied. You need heat to apply most laminates, and depending on the photo, that can be very problematic. There are ways of laminating photos, but if you are inexperienced, or are using the wrong materials, you could end up doing more harm than good.

Laminating is a great way to protect your printing project, but be sure that what you are laminating can be laminated.  If you have questions about laminating, or if you can laminate something contact us.


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