The Top 5 Most Laminated Items of 2016

We have seen a lot more laminating done this year compared to past years. There are a number of reasons for this. First and foremost laminating protects your printed project. It keeps out the elements, like water and dust. It also adds longevity by slowing fading. More than that laminating adds to the look by making colors and images pop on the page. The following is the list of the five things that we laminated most this year.

#5 Security Cards

Security cards take a lot of punishment. They are handled frequently, swiped, inserted and scanned. They shoved in pockets, sat on, and sometimes used as ice scrappers. To protect them these cards are laminated with heavy duty 10mil laminate making them very rigid and durable. There are also specialty laminates that contain extra features to increase security, like holograms.

#4 Signage

Whether it is for a weekend 5k, or sale at a local store, temporary signage is being laminated. It allows you to not worry about rain, or other elamates, while still having the personal signage you need. The key word here is temporary, for permenate outdoor signs, there are better options.

#3 Business Cards

Because of all the different options you have with laminate, holograms, soft touch, and high gloss. There are a lot of business people that are choosing to laminate their business cards to make them stand out from the crowd. If you have a stack of cards and one looks and feels different you are going to notice it.

#2 Menus

Restaurants are starting to see the value laminated menus. Menus are handled constantly, people spill on them, drop them, they are bent and folded. This is exactly what laminate was made for. Any extra expense from laminating is made up for by the extended life of the menu.

The #1 Item Lamianted In 2016


The item that was laminated more than any other in 2016 was posters. If you need posters on the wall giving directions, informing people, or it is art, laminating them is a great idea. For all the reasons we have stated before laminating a wall poster provides longevity and aesthetics to your poster. Poster are laminated more than any other printed project.

Please contact us with any laminating questions you have.


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