Large Format Printing

What is Large Format Printing?

It is difficult to define exactly what constitutes large format printing, but for the most part if you need something that is more than 19″ in length or width, you will be in need of what is called large format printing. This form of printing is usually run digitally and works best with smaller volumes. It is perfect if you need 1-500 posters, maps,  or other large image printed. It also works very well to print banners and large graphics. For quantities larger than 500 there are more efficient ways to print. Because it is run digitally the time needed to print is generally low.


How it Works

Large format printers use rolls of paper, or vinyl, as opposed to sheets. By using a roll a large format printer can print an image as long as the roll off material it is printing on. Some can print over 1000 ft. This is the main reason large format printing is used to make banners, and billboards; they can be printed in one piece, making them look nicer and easier to install. The width of the material used depends on the printer. There are many different sizes to fit any need, but it will typically be 20 in. wide or more.

There are also different materials that are used. Paper of course is very common, but there are a number of printers that can print on synthetic material, like vinyl. Vinyl is water resistant, and holds up well outdoors. Banners that are placed outside should be printed on vinyl. The images you see on all those billboards on your way to work are vinyl printed with a large format printer.

What You Need to Know

Large format printing is used for images that are more than 19 in. in width or length with a run size of less than 500. It is used most often to make banners because of the ability to print on rolls instead of sheets. A large format printer can print images that are over 1000 ft long, depending on the size of the roll. Images can be printed on paper or vinyl material making it perfect for outdoor use like billboards.

If you have more questions about large format, or any form of printing please contact us.






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