Laminated Menus

When in the restaurant business, or any business really, making sure the things you spend hard earned money on last  is always the goal. For restaurants one of the most handled and abused items are menus. People drop, throw, and bend them. They get spilled on and walked on. And better yet they are expensive to reprint. How do you make them last? There is one very easy answer, laminate them. Laminating a menu adds an extra layer of protection that can dramatically extend the life of a menu.

A restaurant’s menu is not only a list of different food items and drinks served, it is also a visual statement about the restaurant. It can add the overall look and feel of the establishment when done well, but it can also be a determinant if the menu is damaged and/or stained. The following are a few advantages laminating menus offer.

Water Resistance

Be it from the food or drinks, menus are going to be spilled on. Paper that soaks up water, wine, or sauce is going to swell up, and deteriorate. This will make them difficult to read and fold, can make them discolored and smell. By adding a layer of laminate the menu sheds water and food. They can be wiped clean without losing functionality. Instead of having to replace a menu that has been spilled on, just clean it off.


Menus are handled constantly, and least we hope so. With them being opened, closed, bent, and dropped, adding to the durability of the menu is paramount. Laminated menus can not be torn, if they fall on the floor just dust them off. Make sure your menus last longer by laminating them.


Laminating also gives you the opportunity to do things with your menus that can’t be done with paper alone. You can add a high gloss look, or holographs if you so desire. You can add to functionality, and durability to a menu while also adding to overall look.

Things To Remember

Menus are one of if not the most handled items at a restaurant. Making sure they last will save you a lot of headache and money. Laminated menus are water, and stain resistant. They can be easily cleaned. They are more durable, and laminating can also add to the look of the menus.  What it really boils down to is laminated menus last longer. It is more expensive to have menus laminated, but in the long run that cost is recouped by not having to reprint them.





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