Laminated Menus

When in the restaurant business, or any business really, making sure the things you spend hard earned money on last  is always the goal. For restaurants one of the most handled and abused items are menus. People drop, throw, and bend them. They get spilled on and walked on. And better yet they are expensive … More Laminated Menus

The Top 5 Most Laminated Items of 2016

We have seen a lot more laminating done this year compared to past years. There are a number of reasons for this. First and foremost laminating protects your printed project. It keeps out the elements, like water and dust. It also adds longevity by slowing fading. More than that laminating adds to the look by making colors and images pop on the page. The following is the list of the five things that we laminated most this year. … More The Top 5 Most Laminated Items of 2016

Printing on Plastic

Contrary to popular belief you can print on plastic and other synthetic substrates. How you actually go about printing on these substances can be a bit tricky. There are a few things that come into play when trying to print on a synthetic material instead of paper. What type of material are using, is it synthetic … More Printing on Plastic

How Thick Should the Laminate be on My Printing Project?

Laminate If you need to protect your piece from moisture, dust and other contaminates there are few better choices than lamination. Not only that, it can also add sheen and really make the colors pop on the page. (For this discussion it is assumed you already know what laminate is, if you would like more … More How Thick Should the Laminate be on My Printing Project?

Synthetic Paper

Paper That Isn’t Paper Synthetic paper is a substance that acts and looks very much like the paper you use every day, but instead of being made from wood fibers it is made from synthetic petroleum-based materials. It is really closer to plastic in terms how it is made, but the way it feels, looks … More Synthetic Paper